What should I know before I buy?

I now use Cosclay which is a polymer clay and rubber hybrid. It is much more durable than my earlier pieces but they are still delicate. There are occasions where I will use Cosclay for the base and polymer clay for the nails so they have parts that are still very fragile. They need to be treated like an art piece because they are sculptures first and jewelry second.

I have done my best in making designs that won't break easily and reinforced them with resin to make them stronger than they would be otherwise. The rest is up to you!

Do you take exchanges or returns?

At this time I do not but if there's an issue with your order please email me at meichenartist@gmail.com!

Are you taking commissions?

Yes! I am taking commissions for jewelry, keychains, magnets, wine charms, etc.

Because I make a huge array of things, the prices can vary a lot but a pair of earrings usually starts at $45/50, keychains will start at $30, etc. There are a lot of different options including skin tone, hand gesture, rhinestones, pendants, charms, nail colors, color of metal used in the piece, types of earring or necklace options. 

For skin tones and other specific colors, I require at least two or more swatches of the same color so that I can make sure I have it correctly. These swatches can either be from Google or your camera phone, as long as I can see the color we're good!

I have decided to keep the skin tones to whatever your skin tone is because I don't want anyone to get in the habit of having people wearing POC as an accessory!


Each will take 10 business days or less to make. There may be a waiting list depending on the demand. I want to make sure they all have the same love and care!

There are obviously certain hand gestures that I will not do especially if they pertain to hate speech.

Thank you for your interest and thank you for being here with me! ♥